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Stories and Announcements


Alleviating Loneliness for North End Seniors

Megs Smith is a senior living alone in the north end of Hamilton.   She is a lovely, kind woman, who would do anything for anyone, and always has a glint of mischief in her eyes.   She is originally from Ireland, and after her husband passed away, she found herself...

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Launching from Grade 8

Ashley has been a part of the LAF Afterschool Program for the past 5 years. 2018 is her last as a part of the program as she looks forward to graduating from St. Lawrence Elementary School. Ashley has faced significant challenges with learning and in her social...

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Believing Makes All the Difference

Fernie is a grade 9 student at Cathedral who was formerly a part of our LAF Afterschool Program. He is a silly, smiling ball of energy despite the hardships that he and his family have faced. He is an Ethiopian immigrant from a single parent family. His mother tries...

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From Volunteer to PSW

Volunteers are the life blood of the Welcome Inn Community.  Every year over 400 people give of themselves and their time as a volunteer in our programs.  Volunteering is a way to give back but it also changes lives as people build friendships, learn new skills and...

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