Megs’ Story

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Megs Smith is a senior living alone in the north end of Hamilton. She is a lovely, kind woman, who would do anything for anyone, and always has a glint of mischief in her eyes. She is originally from Ireland, and after her husband passed away, she found herself quite isolated and lonely, as her remaining relatives do not live in Canada.

Over 10 years ago, someone suggested she join the Seniors Diners Club at Welcome Inn. She hesitantly agreed, and began coming for a family-style lunch each Tuesday. Slowly, Megs found a place to rebuild her life at Welcome Inn. She found friends, who felt more like family, and began doing things in the neighbourhood with them. Staff at Welcome Inn helped her to advocate for the things she needed to make her life healthier & happier. It wasn’t long before Megs’ life was flourishing, filled with wonderful friendships and great connections.

This past year was really hard for Megs, as her best friend from the Diners Club passed away. She was devastated at this loss. As she begins the grieving process a volunteer from the Welcome Inn’s Community Visitation program started visiting Megs on a regular basis, to offer some extra support and care. Both Kim (our volunteer) and Megs are enjoying their visits together, and are grateful for the support that companionship brings along the journey. Megs comments that “the Welcome Inn community means everything to me.” Megs continues to be a beautiful part of the Welcome Inn story. Her gentle spirit and her kindness touch all of us, and make this world so much brighter.