Welcome Inn is a dynamic community centre that dares to imagine that there is a different and more vibrant path forward for ALL members of our community.

Together with the community, Welcome Inn works to alleviate poverty, loneliness and marginalization—challenges that our community members face on a daily basis—by offering supportive relationships, promoting wellness and providing capacity-building opportunities.

LIVING WELL TOGETHER is a collective effort . . .


The North End

Even though the North End of Hamilton is changing and gentrification is a reality, our community still faces high rates of poverty, soaring housing costs and health-related concerns.

Mission & Values


For us, it’s not about creating another program; it’s about empowering members of the community, so that all might be well. Welcome Inn promotes wellness in eight key areas.

Wellness Goals


A vibrant community is rooted in participation, and everyone is welcome to contribute. Share your time and energy with others by volunteering in one of our programs.


Welcome Inn is making a difference in Hamilton

We are all involved in fostering community, and each of us has a story.

All of our stories matter! In our community, there are many stories of belonging, and they capture the resilient spirit of the people who live here.

Read the latest story here, or check out the "Our Stories" page to see more of the amazing people who are part of Welcome Inn!

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