Community Programs

Aiming to provide quality community programs, accessible to everyone, improving financial stability, personal hygiene and access to technology . . .


Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

Welcome Inn has launched brand new support groups, and immigrant families are receiving assistance as they settle into life in Canada. Almost 40% of those who visit our food bank are recent immigrants, and there are many other immigrant families that connect with us in other ways. Two languages–Arabic and Spanish–are almost as common as English. In response, Welcome Inn has hired two new part-time staff and started new Peer-to-Peer Support Groups, which are now meeting regularly. Recent immigrants are given the chance to share their own experiences, explore resources together in the city of Hamilton, and have even enjoyed some swimming lessons together.


Settlement Supports & ESL

Settlement Supports are now being offered to more families than ever before, with staff available to help fill out paper work, connect community members with organizations like the Immigrant Working Centre, and support them in their early years in Hamilton. We are also excited to be offering regular ESL conversation circles and are thrilled to see recent immigrants make significant improvements in their English proficiency. Translation services are also now available within several of our staple programs. At the food bank, community members often go through the intake process with the assistance of an interpreter. Our free tax clinic has also grown significantly because of the translation services available to recent immigrants.


Tax Clinics

During tax season, Welcome Inn hosts volunteer tax preparers who are trained by Revenue Canada to assist people with a low income to file their taxes. The volunteer helps file taxes and ensures that low income residents are aware of the federal and provincial supports available. Taxes can be completed by appointment during the tax season.


Sobi Bike – E.R.I.

Welcome Inn partners with Hamilton Bike Share’s Everybody Rides Initiative, and community members are able to access the program that provides free access to Sobi bikes in Hamilton. Participants with a low income are able fully participate in this eco-friendly transportation network.

Impact Stories

Steven’s Story

September 6, 2019Steve started off as a customer at New Horizons, but he soon became a volunteer! Steve wanted more social interaction with people. At first, Steve was very shy and didn't converse much with the other volunteers, but it wasn't long before he was cracking inside jokes.Read More
Tax Returns Filled Out Annually
Diva Cups Distributed This Year

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