James Children’s Programs

As the new year gets underway, the children in our North End neighbourhood return to school and their regular routine.  For dozens of these children, that routine includes the Learning and Fun Afterschool Program! 

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Season’s Greetings

James Uncategorized

Our community’s gathering space has been decorated with festive lights and Christmas bows; the children’s gifts have been wrapped and are ready to be shared with those who come to our Learning and Fun Program; and preparations are already well underway for our annual Christmas party!

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Stu’s Story

James New Horizons Thrift Store

Stu is in New Horizons three to four times a day. Living on your own can be lonely and difficult at times. At New Horizons, the staff and volunteers are always entertaining!

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Steven’s Story

James Community Programs

Steve started off as a customer at New Horizons, but he soon became a volunteer! Steve wanted more social interaction with people. At first, Steve was very shy and didn’t converse much with the other volunteers, but it wasn’t long before he was cracking inside jokes.

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Megs’ Story

Tom Senior's Programs

Megs Smith is a senior living alone in the north end of Hamilton. She is a lovely, kind woman, who would do anything for anyone, and always has a glint of mischief in her eyes.

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