Season’s Greetings


Our community’s gathering space has been decorated with festive lights and Christmas bows; the children’s gifts have been wrapped and are ready to be shared with those who come to our Learning and Fun Program; and preparations are already well underway for our annual Christmas party! It’s a season of much joy, and we are ready to celebrate!

The holiday season can, however, be a rather tough time for many people, and none of us get to escape this harsh reality. Some have lost loved ones this past year; some have been bullied on the playground at school; some are feeling rather isolated and alone. We have all experienced loss, just in varying degrees. At Welcome Inn, we believe the Christmas season is both a time to celebrate all that is good in life and a time to stand in solidarity with all those who have experienced losses or troubles (of one kind or another). We are friends and family to one another–a community of support and belonging.

We all have something to give. Maybe you have extra food sitting in your cupboard–well, there are people whose shelves are empty and need to access our food bank. Maybe you don’t have much money in your bank account, but you do have some extra time to volunteer–well, there are clothes that need to be sorted at New Horizons Thrift Store or seniors in the community that could be visited. Maybe you only have enough energy to share a simple, warm smile with someone–well, there are lots of people that would appreciate the gift of your warm greeting.

Yes, Welcome Inn is always in need of some pretty significant financial donations. Our programs depend on them! But, this season isn’t just an opportunity for the rich to give to the poor. (Such labels have only ever been used to divide us anyways!) It’s a season in which we all have the opportunity to share with those around us! We all have something to give.